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Go-Ped I-Ped 2

16ah battery $2,539. Delivered
8 ah battery $1,919. Delivered
5ah battery $1,149. Delivered
Call 212 315-1424 to order

The go-ped iped 2 is light enough to carry up several flights of stairs.
Weight: 31 lbs.
Solid rubber tires
16ah li-Ion battery pack

Small enough to fit on the bus, train, ferry, or even under a shopping cart.

Strong enough to carry up to 250 lbs.

Powerful enough to speed you up to 18 mph in turbo mode and 10 mile range. Up to 18 mile range in the econo mode.

Manufactured in the USA with the same legendary American Go-Ped strength, reliability and styling.

Capable of up to 18 miles range in Econo mode with a 150 lb rider.

Recharges in less than 2.5 hours with the 6 amp off board charger.

Can be recharged by any standard wall outlet with it's additional 2.6 amp on board charger.

Be part of the solution with your personal and portable yet quiet, clean,and pure electric vehicle.

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