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New 2009 models have just arrived!!
The go-hub Sun e-trike is by far the finest electric adult trike in the business!!! This is the only Miami Sun trike offered anywhere with a quality Crystalyte high torque 409 motor and heavy duty controller. ALL imitators use lower quality low torque no name motors and components.
Our profit margins are low and our quality is high.
Our competitions profit margins are high and their quality is low.
Accept only the ORIGINAL go-hub Sun e-trike for the highest quality and performance available on the market.
Miami Sun is well know for their quality bikes and trikes. The Sun top of the line Deluxe trike combined with our go-hub 400T 24" Hub Motor trike Conversion Kit delivers great performance, quality and value.
The go-hub Sun e-trike also features:
Heavy duty Alloy front rim with stainless steel spokes.
3 speed Shimano Nexus internal gear hub with easy handlebar mounted lever shifting. Makes pedaling and shifting real easy with just your right thumb.
Split Twist grip throttle with built in power gauge for precise speed control
Speed: 15mph+ Range: Up to 15 miles with no pedaling and up to 25 miles with slight pedal assist.
Reinforced rear unit with precision bearings
15 3/8" step thru height
Western saddle with support bar
Vinyl coated large rear basket
Uni-Crown fork
Alloy cantilever brakes with PARKING BRAKE and rear coaster brake
adjustable height SURREY TOP for shade
This is a great vehicle for transportation and also for those not ready for a full mobility type scooter.
The average mobility scooter travels around 5 mph.
This sporty quality trike will do 15+ mph and keep you out of the sun!
The go-hub Sun e-trike is the perfect alternative to a golf cart and just a fraction of the cost.
Weight with kit installed approx: 100 lbs.
Max rider weight: 250 lbs.
As with all of our go-hub products we have spared no expense in order to deliver the highest quality.
Months of planning and design went into the go-hub line and we are proud to offer these products to our customers.
We are well known in this business to only deal with quality products and our new e-trike is right at the top of the list!
The go-hub Sun e-trike is the smoothest, highest quality and quietest riding trike and only available through us or one of our authorized dealers.
Colors: Red, Blue, Turquoise or Rasberry.
There are cheaper imitated electric trikes on the market however if you are looking for the very best then the ORIGINAL go-hub Sun e-trike is your only choice!!
These trikes are non-returnable once they are assembled.

$1,300. Delivered to your local bike shop for assembly. We pay $100 towards assembly.
call 212 315-1424 to order your go-hub Sun e-trike today!!

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The installed go-hub electric hub motor trike kit features:

#409 hi torque 500 watt (750 watt peak) brushless hub motor with powerful rare earth magnets laced into a 24" DOUBLE WALL alloy wheel with heavy duty stainless steel spokes.
20 amp HEAVY DUTY rear mounted instant start electronic controller with 80C thermal cutoff protection and oversized heat sink. Motor, throttle and battery wires are connected inside of the controller. This new controller has just been released by the manufacturer and utilizes all of the latest upgrades.
The internal motor, throttle and battery connection design is a go-hub exclusive!!
15 + mph and up to 25 mile range (depending on weight of rider, road and wind conditions and amount of full power riding).
36 volt 12ah battery pack with (3) high quality sealed lead acid 12V12ah batteries installed and wired inside of trunk. All of the battery pack wiring is 12 gauge wire crimped AND soldered and covered with heat shrink tubing. Battery connection from the controller is heavy duty 10 gauge wire.
go-hub low profile Trunk that holds the 3 batteries and mounts between the seat post and rear seat brace.
30 amp inline fuse inside the trunk.
On/Off Key Switch access at the front of the trunk.
Crystalyte 36 volt 2.5 amp charger with XLR plug (equivalent to 4 Amp heavy transformer charger in charging time)
Exclusive go-hub Split twist Throttle (non split throttle shown in picture) with built in battery power gauge. With the split throttle the inner half has the twist mechanism for speed control and the outer half is a solid grip.
This is the safest throttle available and a go-hub exclusive!!
You can crawl along very slowly and gradually increase the speed by slightly twisting the throttle. You are in FULL CONTROL of the speed at all times.
Anderson 30 amp Powerpole battery connectors.
All tools necessary for installation are included.
90 day parts warranty.

The Sun e-trike plus the go-hub 24" hub motor trike conversion kit will be shipped to your local bike shop for assembly and installation. Average bike shop assembly charge is $75.00 and we pay for this!
There is no competition for the go-hub Conversion Kits, bikes and trikes.
We use only the highest quality components available to make go-hub the best in the business!!
Call today to order your go-hub Sun e-trike.
go-hub.....The Silent Ride!!
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go-hub Motor Technology

The go-hub motor has three phases, or power supply wires (think of this as a 3-cyclinder automobile engine.) Each of these phases fires in succession with the others, determined by the "Central Brain", or what is called the "PWM (pulse width modulation) Controller." Inside the motor on the outer perimeter there are many "rare earth magnets". Closer to the center of the motor are the wire coils, also wired in three phases. As a pulse of electricity is sent to the motor from the controller the coils create a strong magnetic field, which repulses them from the magnets and causes the motor to advance (rotate) away from the magnets. The controller then sends another pulse of electricity and the next phase fires, rotating the motor even further. It's helpful to think of our automobile engine example: 3 cyclinders - each firing one after the other.
There are three power (phase) wires going into the hub motor, and five Hall Effects Sensor wires coming out of the hub motor. The Hall Effects wires are used only to help the motor start from a dead stop.


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