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Customer Feedback

Satisfied customers are our #1 concern!!
Below are just a few of the many feedback emails that we have received from our satisfied customers.

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go-hub customer feedback on the Yahoo Power Assist Group
go-hub customer feedback on the Yahoo Power Assist Group

Hey Danny, just wanted to tell you about my experience with the Go-Hub kit I purchased from you. Installation was a snap. I put it together in 1/2 an hour. Today I took my first long distance ride, since it was 55 degrees and sunny here in New York. I rode 10 miles to a friends house. The bike was cruising at 23-25 mph since I am running at 48V. It felt great being able to sustain such speeds while fighting strong headwinds. People on the rode must of thought I am some super strong guy moving effortlessly at such speed. Most people would not be able to tell that this bike is electrified given its neat design. By the way when I arrived at my destination, the power led was still green. I did charge the battery pack for the return trip in order to keep the batteries healthy. The range is amazing on this system! This kit was the best buy I have made in the electric vehicle arena. Thanks for your help in designing the best system for my needs. Regards, Chris NY,NY

Hi Danny, Just wanted to let you know that I received my HCF 707 Scooter in just two days (ordered on Wednesday, at my door on Friday), and despite the look of the packaging which was pretty beat up, the scooter arrived in perfect condition.
After unpacking the scooter and putting it together (total time-approximately 20 minutes), I put it away to let it charge, and then took it out for a test ride. My first impression is that you steered me correctly into choosing this scooter. Although heavier than my Ampifier A7 (which is no longer made and which also had a 350 W motor) it was still light enough to fold and bring inside an elevator (probably about 55 pounds without the seat).
As for the ride, the HCF 707 is very smooth, a little faster than the Amplifier, and much better going up hills-very impressed.
I'm very happy with my purchase, and thank you for taking the time to review my requirements and helping to select what I believe to be an excellent scooter. If I had any criticism of the HCF 707, it would be that the trim on the deck (which appears to be molded plastic) should be upgraded to some type of steel or aluminum. Other than that, the scooter appears solidly built very well made, and stylish to boot!
Thanks again for your help on this purchase.
Andy New York, NY

Dan, just want to thank you for the go-hub kit, put in on my beach cruiser with no difficulties and have been enjoying passing packs of roadbikers with my bulldog as co-pilot for over a year with no troubles.
Ed, Danville, CA

Hi Danny,
I have so much to say about why I enjoy my Go-Hub Conversion Kit but I wont get in to that right now.
Attached are some pictures I took yesterday in Newport Beach, California.
Thank you so much. Andy, Sunset Beach CA
Danny, Attached are some of my latest photos of my 82 year old dad and I with the bike I
built for him. We both appreciate the ingenuity, efficiency and state of the art quality of the Go-Hub conversion kit. It lets us really enjoy long pleasure rides and
still get some moderate exercise. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful kit. Andy, Sunset Beach CA Andys published go-hub newspapaer article click here

Hi, Dealing with Danny has been a pleasure. He answered each inquiry very fast and gave precise responses. As I am in France, it was so good to be so confident. I'm really very pleased with this kit, easy to mount on my 700C Hybrid bike. I just feel as if somebody is pedaling behind me when needed. So great!
The hub motor is very quiet, powerful, even on 36V, only very slight vibrations at some rpm just remain you an electric motor is here to ease your ride. As an urban biker, my range will be double of before, hills and wind don't exist anymore, I bought this kit for this reason so it is 100% satisfaction for me. Olivier, France

The 36 volt kit arrived today and I installed it and had a test run of five miles. Just as advertised - hills no longer exist. I was most impressed. The unit has twice the torque I expected. Thanks. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Jason. Roswell, GA

First let me say what a great product. Received the packages Friday and took a 20 mile round trip to the beach Saturday morning. The Crystalite motor is everything you claim and a heck of alot of fun to ride. I will be using the bike for daily commuting to work which is a 5 mile round trip and it feels so good to be able to laugh at headwinds after a 16 hour day!
Martin, Bradenton, Fl

Just wanted to say thanks for getting the go-hub Trike conversion kit out. Received it today and did the install today. Works great. Not too bad on the instructions either. Put on the odometer you had sent earlier and it read 15 miles per hour at top speed. Nice kit and easy to do if you follow directions. The fact that the tools were included made installation so much easier. My friend is estatic with her new toy. Regards, Joe, Chicago, ILL

Wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the Go-Hub conversion kit I ordered from you about a month ago. Thanks for packing it up and shipping Fed-ex 2 day delivery ahead of the Labor Day weekend and tropical storm. The Go-Hub works great. Definitely not a toy, it has turned my lowly bicycle into a serious piece of transportation and a whole lot of fun. I enjoy riding through the national park now since long uphill grades, short steep hills, and headwinds are no longer any problem. I still like to pedal along while the motor easily takes care of stressful parts of the ride. Even the old dog that used to give chase along the way has given up. The batteries are supplying plenty of power for a 15-20 mile ride once a week with about a 2 hour recharge when I return home. I figure they will easily last me three or four years. Thanks for staying on the cutting edge with a great product.
David, Virginia

I've had my go-hub a few months now and still having a blast. i have ridden it to work (7miles each way) and love the quiet and fuel savings. you would not believe the commnets and questions from motorist and especially other "bikers" wanting to know why i am not peddling! thanks for the fun.
Harvey Plantation, Fl

Thanks Danny. I didn't want to overlook writing you after the bicycle arrived. Got the 'Electrek' shipment last week. The bike is great! Having fun riding here in Louisville and our weather has been very warm for October. I've sent a few people to your website so hopefully you might gain another client or two. I am sure you business is growing. I'll stay in touch and check out your future additions and items for sale.
Jeff, Louisville, KY

Danny, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the quality of customer service. First you actually answered the phone, I'm so tired of companies that once you buy something from them all you get is a voice answering machine and a run around when trying to resolve a problem. I had ordered a GoPed ESR750 and when it arrived the front fork had been bent in shipment. When I called you said that you would get a resolution within the hour and call back. Within half an hour I received a call directly from the manufacturer, they said I could bring the scooter in to a local authorized dealer or they could send out a replacement part. They not only sent out a replacement the same day overnight the customer service representative conference me in with their tech support to make sure I knew how to replace the part. I was even given his name and direct phone number to call in case I had any problems. The ESR750 is a breeze to work on for anybody who is a do it yourself mechanic. After I had the scooter back together I was looking forward to riding what you called the best electric scooter on the market. I have to say you were right on the mark. When in turbo mode you need to hold on because there is so much torque it feels like the scooter wants come right from under you when you mash the throttle from a dead stop. It's awesome to deal with someone who is more concerned with the customer than with getting as many orders placed as they can. I would highly recommend buying from Largo Scooter to anybody period. Thanks for everything, Cris, Venice, CA

"Hi Danny!! An old dream has come true for me !!! The go-hub 400 26" kit works even better then I had hoped for. Now I can ride my go-hub "motorbike" on the road for the bikes and pedestrian without risking my life on the roads for cars and motorbikes. I think I'm the only one her in Norway who has a bike like this. Nobody here understands that this is a motorbike. They ask me: where is the motor! I wonder what the other cyclist thinks when I'm raiding faster then them with out pedaling or with minimal pedaling. To be able to charge the battery I bought a 100 Watt, 230V-110 Volts converter, since the electric power here in Norway is with 230Volt.
Thanks to You Danny I have this wonderful motorbike. Hans, Norway

Dear Danny,
I cannot remember the last time that I received such impeccable customer service. Your help and support when making a decision on which electronic bicycle to purchase was a very pleasant experience. Everything from customer service to delivery were OUTSTANDING IN EVERY WAY! I give you the HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION possible and will be glad to offer any assistance to any future customers that you will have. I personally have never found a company or an individual that takes as much pride in his business and provides the highest quality equipment on the market today. Thank you again for the excellent service. I absolutely love my new electronic bicycle (RETRO 7 with the GO-HUB) system. I cannot say thank you enough.
With many thanks and greatest appreciation, Michael Baker, Miami, Florida

"Hello Danny!! I installed the go-hub motor kit today. It runs like a dream! I bought a Roadmaster 26' from Walmart for $53.00, and the go-hub System fits Perfect! Eventually I intend to swap the tires for a decent road tire. When I took my first ride, the looks from people working on their lawns was funny as heck. I'm cruising along in about 14th gear with minimal pedaling, and the puzzled looks on peoples faces was a real riot. I could see the "How the Heck is he going so fast" look lol!! I live in the country about 12 miles from work, and actually am writing this letter from work. I rode my bike with the Stealth System to work in 22 mins. This ride would normally take about 8 mins in my car, but the advantage of fresh air, a little exercise, and 5 cents to recharge the batteries sure does beat paying 2 bucks a gallon for gas. I assure you my high praise for the Stealth System will be heard by many in my area. The go-hub is Awesome!
Thanks again Danny for all your support and endless tolerance to all my questions on the phone. Your professionalism is most admired and your product is a solid winner. Thanks for the great communication and dedication to your customers. You've got my respect Sir!
Good Luck to you and thanks a Million!! Michael, Pa."

I just want to thank you once again Danny for all your help in making the decision to purchase the go-hub motor kit an easy one. I have had the bike tuned up and the motor is running great! Lots of power without the hassle of peddling into headwinds. I at least feel like the energy I expend is getting me someplace. Thanks again for your professionalism and helpfulness. Hope the storm missed you.
PS: Took your advice and changed the tires for smoother ones. What a difference! Burt Miami, Fl.
Email #2: I would like to let others know about my absolute pleasure with dealing with Largo scooters and my Go-Hub conversion kit purchase. First off, the product is top notch. The kit has enabled me to put off buying a car just to travel 6 miles round trip to work and back.We have two vehicles for 3 people so my wife and daughter can use them to travel to their jobs. I have also saved on costs of gas, insurance, tag, etc.And the ride!! Takes all the effort out and the fun back into the bicycling experience. At 200 lbs. plus a backpack lunch, headwinds or not, I can make decent steady progress with as much or little effort as I want to expend. As an added bonus, while others are snarled in traffic in this busy area, my trip to work is a predictable 15 minute or less ride regardless of traffic. And Danny is a complete professional who truly loves what he does , is extremely helpful and always available for assistance, and believes in his product. Thanks again for all your help and in helping to solve a real life problem.
Burt Gam, Miami, Fl

Confirming my call to you...Your integrity as a vendor is impressive. Not all the people selling things on the net are like you. Some charge your card and never ship. Some ship defective products and then ignore you. BUT YOU ARE DIFFERENT. When parts of a shipment were damaged in transit and I called you there was no hesitancy about making things right. You even worked with me on the telephone to trouble shoot the equipment to make sure you provided all the replacements needed. You shipped them by priority service! A customer could not ask for more.
Vic, San Marcos, Texas

Hi Danny, Got my Go Hub kit yesterday and got it all installed. What a blast! It goes much faster than I thought--! I have been cruising through our local park and it sure turns a lot of heads. They must think I am a world class athelete. I am attaching a picture of my Shore Liner cruiser bike with the Go-Hub kit installed. I know once the senior citizens in town here get a look at this they will all want one. Do you need a distributor or sales person in this part of the country?:) Mark, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Danny, Just wanted to let you know that I just received the Extreme X-500 scoot WAY sooner than expected and it's smokin'! Thanks for a good business experience and rapid (couple days') delivery. For anyone who has doubts about this new scoot, may they have none. I'm 6'2", 220 lbs., and it does even medium hills nicely. Nice brakes, good quality build, includes a great tool kit. So far, this is a bargain product for the price! Thanks again! James, Hummelstown, PA

Hi Danny, I just wanted to let you know how very much I am enjoying my 3 wheeled scooter I purchased from you. I orginally bought the scooter because I was recuperating from a broken leg. The scooter allowed me to go everywhere!!!! I even drove it up to and into the grocery store. Now, my leg is healed, but I still have a wonderful time riding my see, my Sheltie, Murphy has joined in on the riding fun. Thanks again for providing such a good product with GREAT service. Carolyn, Key Largo, Fl

Hi Danny, I am just writing to say how brilliant the Go-Hub is. The wheel arrived at midday at my office, As soon as I got home I fitted it to my bike. It took about an hour, with most of the time taken by removing existing things like the carrier and replacing the front hub break. The next morning it was bitterly cold and I tried the Go-Hub for the first time. It cut 10 minutes off my travel time, very useful as that night we had a bad sleet storm. I had been told that I would not like the gear-less hub as they judder..... What rubbish it produces a slight vibration more of a low purr that can just be felt through the frame at low speeds. The motor was very strange at higher speeds as you could not tell it was running (Until you eased off the throttle) just felt like rolling down hill, up hill. Best of all my old curry drive took me into work with a full charge with a 24V 14Ah SLA and I had to recharge at work. I fitted a 36V 6.5 Ah NiMH to the go hub it not only got me to work but back again on a single charge, and there was still 1/3 of the usable charge in the battery. That motor has got to be really efficient! even if we say that the two batteries are equivalent in available charge that's 3 times more range with the Go-Hub. Thanks for supplying such a great product. Nigel, Oxford, England

Danny, Thanks for the great service (do you ever sleep?). You've added a whole new level to the definition to "fast turn-around" and good communications. Will the battery come with a charge, or should I take it out and charge it up on Christmas eve?
Megan is going to be thrilled.
Mark, Stafford, VA

Danny, Here is a photo of Jennifer on her new Vego SX600 Scooter.
We appreciate your excellent service.
Your responses to our questions were almost "instant."
Thank you for doing business with us for our last minute shopping.
Thank you,
The Sturgeon Family from California

The scooter is here! This thing is a AWESOME. The power is incredible.
The first time I tried it, I said to myself, "It can't be THAT powerful" stupidly not remembering what you kept telling me about three times already and punched the throttle all the way down. The thing flew outta my hands!
I was lucky to be able to catch it and steady it back into control. The second time I punched it, I did a wheelie!
I LOVE THIS MACHINE! This thing beats the EX3 hands down. This is the machine I should've had from day one. Quiet as a mouse, comfortable ride, and MEAN POWER!
I hit all the major potholes I always avoided on the EX3 and this thing rolled right on through like a champ.
Thanks a whole lot Danny, for helping me out with this machine, it's a great buy! Austin, Calif.
Post from the Zappy Yahoo group:
I got a scooter from Largoscooters without even SEEING a pacelight 707 in person and I'm happy with it.
The reviews and the secondhand testimonials were enough to convince me of a quality scooter, and I'm
much happier than when I previously went head first and uneducatedly picked up the previous scoot based off advertisements. Also the customer service and the quick response time is top-notch.
Danny is great with his service and I never regretted purchasing a scooter from him. Austin, Calif.

hey danny, Just a word to say thanks, the go-hub kit is as good as advertised !! I think lubbock is a good testing ground ..not many hills to climb but the winds can be murder with the go-hub on my bike (easy install) no more huffing & puffing :) The commute to work is a cruise now & with the range of the batteries I can get anywhere in town & back with power to spare. The lost cargo space & the battery weight  take some getting used to , but all that POWER more than makes up for it !! thanks again.
Terry, Lubbock, Texas

I'ts been a real pleasure doing business with you. It just goes to show that
when decent, honest people deal with each other, international borders are
no obstacle. (sounds corny I know, but I think you know what I mean).
All the best, and thanks again - I'll let you know when the 707 arrives.
Thanks Danny.
I've said it before and I'll say it again... your a good man :
Kind Regards
Darrin, Austrailia

Hey Danny, Great customer service. I received the replacement parts Friday. Super quick turn around!!!! Thanks, Paul, NC

Thanks for the advice. He's already got a bike helmet but we're going to buy him a better one just to be xtra careful + make him wear pads. If my wife takes a liking to it -- that wouldn't surprise me -- I may be back in touch. And I'll make sure to refer folks to you if they want to snag a scooter after seeing my son on it. Merry Christmas, Jay, Calif.

Thank you for your quick shipment of my new HYC Excaliber 600. Most people know when someone gives 100percent, and that certainly is true of you Danny. It was a pleasure doing business with a gentleman that paid attention to all of the details, and cheerfully answered many questions. Tia, Calif

Thanks for the fast honest service. Danny it's been a pleasure doing business with you. Rick, Washington

Excellent service!!!! Fast and smooth sale. A++++++ Jairo, Miami Fl

Dealing with Largo Scooters has been my very best online purchase experience. After speaking with Danny and telling him my transportation needs he recommended the Merida pedalic electric bike. I could not be happier with my purchase. The Merida bike is the most amazing bike I have ever ridden!!
With fast delivery and exceptional customer service I highly recommend this company. Laura, NYC

Hi Danny, I received my Excaliber 250 scooter today. Great fast delivery!! Man is this a lot of scooter for the money. The quality is top shelf and my son absolutely loves it and so do I for that matter. Thanks again for helping me choose a great gift for my son. I am thinking now of getting one for myself so we can ride together.
Regards, Steve, Asbury, NJ

My daughter Kalene asked me to send you a quick e-mail to tell you how
much she is enjoying her new scooter. She received it last Friday just
like you said, and rode it all weekend. She is having so much fun. Thank
you so much for your help with placing the order and the follow-up. I'm
telling her friends to get in touch with you when they're ready for a
scooter. I'm so glad to have found a local company to work with...and
that was so helpful and thorough.
Thanks again, Kathy, Davie, Fl.

I'm very pleased that I was referred to Largo Scooters and Danny Doris! After some initial hiccups with delivery (no fault of Danny or Largo Scooter's!!), I finally got my scooter and was thrilled with it. Danny is very quick to respond to any questions that I may have and it has been a real pleasure to deal with someone so knowledgeable providing such excellent customer service. I highly recommend Largo Scooters! I know where I'll be buying my next one when I decide to upgrade!!
Patricia, San Leandro, CA

Thanks Danny for all your help. The ETC pack is so
much fun and what a great price. Thanks Largo
Scooters for such a great deal!
David (from Toronto)

Danny, I got an electric ETC folding bike from you on a close out.
I could not be happier. It is great exercise if you pedal it and nothing but "wind in your hair" fun if you don't. My grandchildren love it too. I had a gas powered Mosquito skate board and had a lot of problems with keeping it running and the police as they are illegal. I love the fact that my ETC is legal as a bike.
It is so easy to fold up and recharge. If you go short distances it charges up real quickly. The ride is comfortable for kids or adults. Thank you for your prompt reply to my questions. Great service.
This ETC Folder is a great bike. It is the best value for the money to be found anywhere. If you need a reference or testimonial have anyone call me for a rave review, This bike is good fun, good exercise, handy, portable and a good looker.
Jim Vilberg, Miami, Fl

I had ordered an electric scooter from another company before my purchase
from Largo. The scooter worked, but it did not meet my needs, primarily because I could not get adequate information before I ordered. Then someone recommended Largo Scooters. I used Largo's website to narrow their extensive offering of electric scooters down to three possible models. Then I called Largo for assistance in choosing from the three. Danny was willing to spend however long it took to assure I made the right choice, based on my needs and an acceptable price range. Danny encouraged me to ask as many questions as necessary and it became clear he has the expertise to answer all of them to my satisfaction. Elemer, Sedona, AZ

I purchased two Z Lightning SE electric scooters from Largo Scooters. They were as advertised and the owner, Danny, was very responsive in resolving minor issues that other dealers would probably have ignored. Very good customer service!
Paul, Columbus, Ohio

The new bikes arrived yesterday. They exceeded my wildest expectations!
They are absolutely wonderful. If anyone ever has any reservations about
buying one of the Merida Electric Bikes, tell them to e-mail me. The first
time you step on a pedal all of your reservations will be history. Thanks
for the great service also. Stan Sheram, Athens, Georgia

Just wanted to let you know that I got my Merida bike last Friday and yes I do love it. I am the envy of every 10 year old on the block,,,,, I am 54 and luvin it.
Cookie, Linfield, PA

We got the Pacelite 707's and we LOVE them. What fantastic machines. We ride them everywhere.
Thanks for getting them out to us so quickly.
Regards,Martin, Denver, CO

Doing business with you was easy and you did what you said. Thanks for your help and quick delivery. We are very satisfied. David, Loganville, GA

I do want to say thank you so much for all of your
quick replies. You really have made this whole experience easier. If I can
talk any of my friends into getting a scooter I will certainly send them
your way. And I have a feeling that my husband and I will be fighting over
who gets to ride the Vego, and may be ordering another one from you soon.
Thanks again. Michele, San Francisco, CA

I received the Vego scooter today and it looks great and works like a charm. Thank you for your prompt service.
Richard, Ft. Scott, KS

Fast emails back, great customer service. This is a great store and owner!
Great to deal with. Knows his stuff. Joan, NH

Just wanted to tell you, that Im 56 years old, retired police detective, and for my health, bought a HPvelatechnik "Street Machine" and Well because of the seat you really cant see the driver, but that all changed now, your rear "Sparky" is the brightest Ive ever seen and will recommend this to all my fellow bent riders, but thruthfully,
It will sell itself. Thank You Very Much. George A Woo, Beltsville, MD

"I wanted to pass on to you how pleased my wife and I are with the two Vego SX 600 scooters we ordered from you. We are in our "fifties" and really find them comfortable, well designed for safety, and great looking. Everywhere we ride, adults and other children stop and stare at us with the scooters.
Comments about the scooters: "Wow...really neat"; "Snappy looking!"; "Great style compared to others I've seen"; Looks like the classy European Scooter (Vespa)"; I let three other folks ride them. Comments: "A lot more zippy performance than mine!"; Really feels like a powerful motor. Shocks really add to the comfortable ride!"
The CAT Eye EL 110 and CAT Eye LD 600 are a great lighting quality additions to the scooters. Thanks for the great service and low prices.
Charlie and Francoise, Folsom, CA

I recently purchased an SX600 and I absolutely love it. The quality is wonderful and I appreciate the fact that you threw in the rack. I have a Honda ST1300 that I love, but this electric is as much fun to ride. I find myself looking for excuses to ride it !!! Richard, Fort Scott, KS

I received my scooter yesterday as you indicated with the UPS tracking #. After unpacking and inspecting, I was quite impressed with the quality construction and components of the 707. This little scooter has impressive power!! Since I have compromised mobility (MS), this is going to be FUN!! We've exchanged a number of phone calls and EMails for this sale, and I just want to say thanks. Once I start to ride in some local malls, I'm sure I'll get some questions. I'll share your business cards and give you a high recommendation. Thanks for your straightforward, honest responses. Harlan, Crosey, TX

Customer comment from the Zappy Electric Scooter Forum

I absolutely love this ego!!!! I've added a seat to the back for my son, and the only problem I am having is getting to go home once we get started. Thanks for such a great product. Tina, Birmingham, Alabama

Danny, Thanks for your quick shipment of the scooter. I received it on 24. Dec. Great job. Best regards and a happy New Year, Lukas, Prior Lake, MN

Danny, Everything you promised on the 707 turned out to be true. We are very happy with the power, smooth ride, quality, ability to ride in the grass/trails, and power up hills. Many scooters showed up in our neighborhood this Christmas and none are made like these. Jeff, Nashville, Tenn.

Just a quick note to let you know that the scooter arrived as promised in great condition. Will really make a 12 year old boys Christmas complete. Thanks!! Rex, Orlando, Fl

Hi Danny, Thanks so much once again for all your help. I am raving about Largo Scooters to all of my friends, family & neighbors. You've been great! Regards, Janice, Sound Bch, NY

HELLO Danny ! Woah ! I got the package with the Go Motorboard scooter in it ! It is really astonishing, you were right ! I already tried it yesterday evening, and I felt that I would LOVE it ! It was quite a long and I guess a strange procedure for both of us, so I would like to say thank you once more ! (You can not imagine how hard it was to find somebody who takes trouble over shipping a scooter to Sweden !) I wish you (and for the company LARGOSCOOTERS) the BEST that I can ! Thanks, Akos

Hi Danny, Just received my GO MOTORBOARD a mere 3 days after ordering it. First impression is that this is great. It's quick, sturdy and very maneuverable. I'm looking forward to my next ride. I wanted to thank you for your help over the phone. All your observations were right on the money. This is just the type of board for me. Two weeks of research, and it came down to our phone conversation for me to decide. Thanks for helping me buy the right scooter for me! Thanks LARGO SCOOTERS Aloha, Pat, Springfield, PA

I received my Tidalforce Bike on Wednesday. It was the best packaged UPS shipment I have ever seen. I rode it on Thursday and it worked beautifully. The electric assist is smooth and powerful, and the gear shifting is very smooth and positive, and the seat is comfortable. Thanks. David South Hero, VT

I got my dahon speed p8 and I love it. I couldn't be happier with largo scooters. Everyone wants to know where i got my weird folding bike, and im gonna tell him that they're crazy if they buy them from anywhere else but you. Gary, NJ

You're awesome Danny! I'm impressed with your customer service. I wish I got this level of service wherever I shopped! The internet would be my favorite shopping place if I did. Robert C. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Feedback from a customer on the Voltage forum Click Here

Dear Danny, our bright red HCF 305 scooter arrived today at 4:00 PM. My son, Gary, who the scooter is for was here at my home when it arrived. It was "Christmas in August". Gary is 49 years old, but you would have thought he was four, and it was really Christmas. Gary has eye problems and was just notified that he had to surrender his driving license. He is married with children and freedom of movement meant everything to him. Now he can go places in town. Our town is only 4 miles wide by 3 miles long. Thank you for all your help in making my son and his family so happy. It is such a beautiful scooter, rides so comfortable, and has plenty of speed and power and a long range of travel. He likes everything about it.
Chuck. Vernal, Utah

Hi Danny. Recieved the kit on Friday, installed on Saturday. It's everything that you said it was. It was easy to install, and is a pleasure to ride. I am 100% satisfied with the Go-Hub. Thanks. DAN Anchorage, Alaska