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The ETON Eco is an electric folding bike manufactured in Taiwan for pure quality.
It features a 400 watt hub motor thus eliminating a chain or belt for dead silent running!!
16 mph speed, 24V 12ah battery pack, 6 speed, 20" wheels and range up to 20 miles.
The bike weighs 55 lbs and the battery is 21 lbs. Total weight with battery: 76 lbs.
Includes handlebar mounted carrier for your charger so you can re-charge at your destination thus doubling your range!!
This bike is great for all ages and applications.
Cruise with full power, pedal along with power or just pedal, the Eco offers it all!
Amazing design and workmaship.
Whether you are a student, camper, pilot or whatever, the Eco electric folding bike is a great form of transportation and fun.

This bike is no longer available.
The bike takes 2 batteries inside of the grey case. Total cost for the two batteries with delivery is $119.90.
CALL 212 315-1424 TO ORDER or you can order them here from our accessories page
Choose(2) 12ah batteries $59.95 each delivered.
We also have 24V 4Amp battery chargers for this bike. The charger has the Y type plug on it that works with the Eton Eco battery pack.
$75.00 delivered.
I believe that we are the only company to offer a charger that will fit the charging plug on the Eton battery pack.
Call or email to order.

This ebike is built like a tank!!
The dropouts (which hold the wheels on) are 1/4" steel!
The welds are absolute perfection.
This bike is as solid as they come and the very best Taiwan quality!!
Nice speed and a great smooth ride.
Very very impressive and superbly engineered.
Danny Doris Largo Scooters