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Electric Bikes and Conversion kits

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go-hub bike and trike conversion kits

Adult Electric Trike

Rayos NEW!!!

X-treme XB-500

X-treme XB300li

Eton Eco The "classic" of folding ebikes

Manual folding bikes

2014 Dahon folding bikes

Montague CX

Montague MX

Montague DX

Montague Paratrooper

We sell ALL of the Dahon folding bike models.
If you do not see the model you are looking for please call us for the best price.


Hot New Items!!

Mens leather motorcycle jackets
and vests

Ladies leather motorcycle jackets
and vests

The US Senate has passed SR 1156, clearing the way for a legal definition of an electric bicycle in the USA. President Bush signed this bill into law.
The new law will assign the governance of electric bicycles to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and will define a bicycle that has pedals, (and is capable of being propelled by those pedals) an electric motor of no more than 750 watts, and a top speed (on motor only) of 20 mph as a "bicycle."
Federal Electric Bike Law PDF