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Dahon models

We have been an authorized Dahon dealer for over fourteen years.
Here are a few of the top selling folding bikes.
Keep one or two of these in your trunk and you will go many places that you would otherwise have missed.
Parks and beaches are perfect for cruising. Park your car, unfold your bikes and enjoy.
Look on the Dahon website to see all of the current USA models.
Dahon company website

Call us for prices and availability
Prices start at only $325 delivered

Boardwalk S-1 $325.
Speed Uno $399.
Vybe C7A $399.
Viteese D7HG $749.
MU Uno $699.
MU P24 $989.
MU SL $1,599
Jetstream P8 $1,349
IOS S9 $1,099.
Vigor P9 $799.

16" Wheel

Curve D3

20" Wheel
most popular

Speed D7 $529

MU P-8 ON SALE $550

Speed P8 ON SALE $550

Mariner D7 $579

Vybe C7A $449 Delivered

Vigor P9 $829.

Espresso D24 26" wheel $729.
Espresso D21 (pictured) ON SALE $550

Jack ON SALE $599

Vector P20 20" wheels
$1,899. delivered

IOS S9 24" wheels
$999 Delivered