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Adult Electric Trike

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The Adult Electric Trike is an economical, practical, environmentally friendly solution to today's transportation needs. A real workhorse, yet comfortable and easy to ride. This is not an "add-on kit" but a fully integrated electric trike.
* 24" full size adult trike with chrome wheels and fenders
* 24V, 450 watt high torque integrated motor with 8 mph cruising speed and up to 16 mile range on level ground.
* 35 Amp peak, PWM variable speed controller with easy thumb paddle throttle
* 2 x 12V, 18 AH Sealed Lead Acid no memory batteries
* 2-step, self regulating charger for trouble free, worry free recharging
* Smooth, quiet primary belt drive
* Double gear reduction for excellent hill climbing performance
* Large cargo basket on rear
* Front v-brake and rear coaster brake
* HI-Tensile, all steel construction
Colors: Red or Blue(Note: This red is not pinkish as shown. The pink hue is due to transferring the pictures to the web)
We have received rave reviews from all of our customers that purchased the Electrike.
They all love the beautiful workmanship and performance.
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$1,399. Delivered
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