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Crystalyte 110V 2.5A SLA
Crystalyte 36 volt 2.5 amp SLA charger. Fully automatic and also conditions your batteries while charging. XLR type jack. $59.95 Delivered
Crystalyte 36 volt 48 volt 3 amp SLA charger with male XLR plug.
Pin #1 is positive.
Built in fan.
$99.95 Delivered
UB 12 volt 12ah or B+B 9ah SLA battery.
Choose either 12ah or 9ah.
The 9ah batteries will give you 1/4 less range than the 12ah and weigh about 6 lbs. each. They are also a thinner battery. Four 9ah batteries (side by side) equal the same length as 3 of the 12ah batteries (side by side).
The 12ah batteries weigh about 8 lbs. each.
Please note that a 12 ah B+B battery is pictured. We no longer sell these due to their high cost. Our UB 12v12ah is the same high quality as B+B batteries but at a lower cost.
$59.95 Delivered
amp hour

Battery Trunk
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This Crystalyte battery trunk will hold up to three 12V12ah sealed lead acid batteries. Thsi trunk comes with a built in 12 gauge wiring harness with key switch, fuse jumper and short jumper. Everything you need to wire up three batteries. Built in velcro straps secure the trunk to your rear rack. $59.95 Delivered
The stock Merida bikes come with a 21 tooth rear hub sproket. By replacing the 21T with this 16 tooth sproket you will increase the speed of the Merida from 15 mph to over 20mph!! You will ride faster and pedal slower.
The installation can be done by any bike shop or anyone who is mechanically inclined.
Detailed instructions included with phone support.
Note: You will need a chain tool to do this installation.
$16.49 Delivered
This manual contains useful info on your Merida 550 or 500 powercycle.
After your purchase this maniual will be delivered to you as a PDF file to your email address within 24 hours.
delivered PDF file